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We at Nubian Sufi.Com have professionals who went to colleges, universities, trade and tech schools,as well as started their own businesses and corporations so this here IT/E-Commerce work is our bread and butter. 

This work at NUBIAN SUFI.COM,It is how we pay our rent and bills, feed our  spouses, children, families, communities. It also help us financially pursue our music or film or other talent interest as well as fund,fuel and support our ministry Nubian Sufi Healing Ministry so for any business or corporation to ask us Magi to work for free is a insult and sign of insensitivity or respect of us a business. They would not ask their medical doctors,lawyers, mechanics, security,accountants or even house cleaners to work for them for free!!!

Our work causes businesses to increase in thousands to millions of dollars so we do not accept chunk change or commission and percentage only pay.

We turn small businesses into mogul conglomerates so we except to be paid the same "Gold" as Modern day Magi that the Magi of Ancient time was paid by Ancient Kings of the Past.

For those of you in the modern day times who are Business people who know how to pay us a king's ransom for our highly advance and hard working digital services, We are your Magi and you can proceed with the payment process below.


                          Immortality and Omnipotence!

NSC Magi For Hire Leads,Clients/Customers,Sellers,And Buyers Finders Fee Portal

NSC Magi For Hire Leads,Clients/Customers,Sellers,Buyers Finders Fee Portal
Number of payments 2
1At checkout $2,000.00 USD
2after 4 weeks $5,000.00 USD
Total $7,000.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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