NSC Currency Exchange E-Bank for African Union Countries

"Nubian Sufi.Com being an African-American Sufi Family Founded IT Company are all for suuporting our ancestral Mother LAnd Africa(Alkebu-Lan) on all any and economic fronts since She has been used and robbed by multitudes of foreign pirates during the slave tade to the foreign corporations of the  industrial age. These non-africans have taken from our mother land fatten uo their countries world wide and gave nothing back but poverty, war, and desolation!!!

Just as in music I stand on the forefront as Conscious Hip-Hop Artist                Prince Isa The Black Messiah(http://youtu.be/ghiluX0o4D8), fighting for the financial and sovereignty indepence of a capitalistic enslaved Black America and redeeming the Black American national dollar from blood suckers outside our nations. Fighting oppression and ignorance  so we may be financally independent enough to estblish our own nation as we were 500 years ago prior to our brutal lost of our own nation.

As Black American Businessman Isa Masai Shakur(http://youtu.be/fDSVgJ-Dz_c)  ,     I want to personally make sure my African family here in America going to school and working can send their hard earned "capital" back to their respecitve countries. These African Countries and their cities,communities and villages need to be financially restored witout foreign continent or foreign government approval or disapproval . This also creates a much needed financial bridge between a financially oppressed Black America and a financailly raped Black Africa. Now if anybody say "Isa how could you just promote this currency exchange bank with just African qand talk all this African or black american business talk?" I will tell them hypocrites to tell the European American Companies doing the same as me to stop promoting to Europe or the Asian American Companies doing the same as me to stop promoting to Asia or Arab American Companies doing the same as me to stop promoting the Middle East? 

Prophet Marcus Mosiah Garvey spoke of African-Americans building a ship, the Black Star Liner to go back to Africa.  Regardless of its potential national benefit to a formerly enslave and 40 acres and a mule broken promised people, towering racist Rich money and corrupted politics through J.Edgar Hoover and  Political Mogols of the day crushed his movement and frightened and scattered his righteous, dignified yet impoverished followers by the thousands if not millions! The Prophet Marcus Mosiah Garvey, a good righteous man died of a broken heart, that family,will not happen again. Imagine what international progress together Black America and Black Africa could of had by now without that diabolical interference!!! The Prophet Noble Drew Ali said it takes Finance to uplift a nation".  The Great Steve Biko was killed trying to get his people to restore their sense of original sovereignty and indepedence.

Look  Society!!! African-Americans and Africans must be FREE to take control of their financial destiny if we are going to be free for real. If We do not become free, then you Society will continue to feel free to keep looking down at us in our homeless,to 9 to 5 to or State fed dependence as the useless gum under your social and capitalistic economic foot! We will remain  in the unstable,unsecure,untrustworthy hands of Racist and Uncle Tom politicians and white systems that can write off our total existence at any given hour, be it slow and convert birth control based genocide or swift and overt concentration camps caused martial law! Global income is that freedom.

This E-Bank is open to all races and nations eventually but it is first for the Lost Sheep of The House of Isis-Ra-EL(Alkebu-Lan/Africa). Enough preaching for me. One last thing, We will be focus on using as our primary currency not the dollar nor the Euro but the Currency that the African Union is developing "The Afro".  Africa for Africans! Thank you family and please enjoy the NSC Currency Exchang E-Bank for African Union Countries todayand many years to come! Peace and Blessings!"

              Mr. Isa Masai Shakur,Founder/CEO of Nubian Sufi.Com





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