NSC Careers: Now Hiring! locally, nationally and globally!


We at Nubian Sufi. Com are hiring for 4 different positions and we will state these positions below. The main items items that are needed all four positions depend on the position at hand.


 Requirements for all four positions are: (A) 24/7 internet access or your own hot spot if traveling(To keep this job internet can never be cut off), (B) Your own landline and cell-phone(to keep this job those can never be cut off too), (C) Skype Account and Webcam active and ready for your work week, (D)You must have Yahoo Messenger Account download in your cell phone, iPad or Laptop for this work(E) Your own PayPal Account because all staff are paid only through PayPal not check or direct deposit or money orders, only PayPal. If Staff want to show verification of work for tax or legal purposes we can work out W-2 form agreement with Payroll,(F) You will only need a vehicle if you are doing BTB assignments as a NSC Salesman or doing commercial driving work with a CDL for NSC or car pooling for NSC in regards of NSC events, in that case a valid drivers' license of the state your vehicle is registered with will be all that is required. The other NSC positions do not require a car or license to drive only a mental drive to work! (G) You will need What we at Nubian Sufi.Com call a "G-Code" in order to get processed to work for us and get paid. You will not use your personal email to set up your Skype or Yahoo Messenger or  use to work on NSC assignments with. You will only use a NSC created corporate email with a user name and password that we give to you so we can track your login/log out, your  work and earnings.



           (1) NSC Marketing/Advertising Department(Online)

                Duties: Create global online advertising and links

                Shift: 9am-4pm Central Time

                Weekly Pay: $500 to $1000 week plus incentives

                 Benefits:  Health, Dental,and Paid Vacations 



             (2) NSC Customer Service(Online)

                  Duties: Respond to customers and process orders

                  Shift: 8am-4pm  Central Time

                  Weekly Pay: $500 to $1000 week plus incentives

                  Benefits: Health, Dental, and Paid Vacations


               (3)NSC Sales Rep(Online and Offline)

                   Duties: Suggest product or service then close deal

                   Shift: 8am-4pm Central Time

                   Weekly Pay: $500 to $1000 plus commission

                   Benefits:Health, Dental, Day Care, Paid Vacation 


               (4) NSC B2B Sales Rep/Executive(Offline/The Field)

                    Duties: Visit waiting business owner then deal!

                    Shift: 8am-12pm then 8pm to 4pm Central Time

                    Weekly Pay: $500-$1000 plus commission

                    Benefits:Health, Dental, Day Care, Paid Vacation



















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